About me


Hi there!

I am Vivian, a Senior UX Designer. I am a broad designer with eleven years of experience in digital products (web/mobile) and five years exclusively in Game UX and UI for apps and games. 

Born and raised in Brazil, I have a bachelor’s degree in Game Design and came to Canada in 2017 to pursue my dream of working in the game industry.

Currently, I am working at Ripple Effect Studios-EA on unannounced project!

The last projects I worked on were Relic Entertainment Company of Heroes 3 team, Kabam’s Marvel Contest of Champions mobile and Minecraft’s PlayStation/PSVR platform.

I am extremely passionate about games. I have a very keen eye for, positive and collaborative approach to the game UX Design. In the early stages of the game development, I utilize the player’s centred perspective to capture potential problems. Providing insights into usability, designing intuitive, innovative user interfaces and experiences with simplicity to enhance, ideate and create players’ experiences across a comprehensive scope of types.

I have a strong desire to learn something new continuously. It is a true passion!

I work hard to that both make sense and make a difference. I’m genuinely curious about people’s minds. I tend to spend a lot of time thinking and investigating the needs and experiences of others.

“Vivian is a very proactive individual and a great benefit to any team, she has a passion for games, a keen eye, and a positive and collaborative approach to her work. Her ability to provide insights into usability, and response time on suggested solutions are sometimes ready before they are asked for. Vivian has a great perspective to capture the potential users experience across a wide scope of player types and accessibility, bringing visibility to the team in a tangible and productive outline that can be worked into a schedule early in the development cycle.”  – DJ Stiner, Sr. PM at Microsoft

Bonus: When I’m not working, you can find me reading something about UX, playing some games – especially action-adventures, RPGs or old school ones, inventing some recipe, walking in the park with my Corgi or painting some watercolor drawings! I also love a great coffee at any given time of the day.


If you need a mentor for help with UX & UI Design, Career Personal Development, How to Break into the Game Industry, and more, feel free to schedule a time to chat! schedule a time with me! 

Game On! \o/